How to know what posts your Instagram followers like

News 04:03 March 2024:

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If you are among the millions of instagram users who wish to be as popular as the social network is, you ought to be paying more attention to what you post. Most people dislike boringly too many posts, and the more of them post, the less people will want to like any of your other posts. However, knowing what people like about you on Instagram is a great step to becoming a popular person on the network. But then, how do you even know what your followers want to see?

First, re-visit your last ten posts on the network and check which one had the highest number of instagram likes. Between the picture of your pet next to a coffee mug and you eating some salad, what did people like the most. Check how many people share you posts about your taste of fashion, and then decide what kind of posts you want to send on the network more often. From then, concentrate on posting the kind of posts that attract many instagram likes.